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Ilya Volkov history began long before he was born

Parents Ilya ( Илья ) - Vladislav and Natalia themselves come from Orsha , both finished music school. Mom further musical school and conservatory, loved to sing and compose songs on piano, ( which, coupled with perfect pitch really helped further singing career ).

Father was fascinated by the sciences , technology and electronics , so he entered and finished Radio-Technic Institute in Minsk. But the love of music in him and lived on: school and student evenings were often held under the guitar playing , so he pretty much wrote their own songs . (He worked and ballroom dancing , however, only a week

Ilya was born April 19, 2002 in Minsk. In 2.5 years began attending “ Child Development Center number 517 “ in Uruch’e, Minsk , where music director worked his mother – Natalia .

There is clearly began to dawn musical and choreographic ability Ilya (  Илья ). Any room that was entrusted to him , he learns and performed as „excellent .“

Noticing musical ability and on the advice of many who knew Ilya, ( Илья ) , parents at age 6 “ send son in Vocal and choreographic studio „Belarus“ collective “ Golden Voices “

Under the direction of Valery SHMAT and to the studio sports and ballroom dancing „Sigma“ , directed by Elena and Alexandra Kozyro . Both studios Ilya grew very quickly, often in competitions and competitions took first place .

Next – school gymnasium . At age 7, parents converted Ilya to the school – college of Arts. Akhremchik – excellent educational facilities , where they continued with renewed vigor to develop his talents . This same school and graduated from the older sister of Ilya – Kate .

The school became apparent curiosity ( he learned that the Emperor penguin – the male incubates the egg while the female produces fish , or that cockroaches do not have a brain ) and Ilya diligence , desire to be among the best students . He soaked up all the knowledge and information like a sponge , and , on occasion, could take advantage of the things he learned .

In Vocal and choreographic studio with Ilya Yegor Zheshko engaged , he was older than 3 years. Yegor mother seen as Ilya danced, and when they decided to participate in the selection for Junior Eurovision 2012 , offered Ilya and Katya Kichkaylo do “ Dance decoration “ Yegor song performance . So , after the victory at Yegor selection in Belarus , all this friendly campaign visited Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Amsterdam in 2012 . Ilya fell in love with Holland, in this competition , the atmosphere on it. He promised to all his friends – especially the winning Anastasia Petrik, that next year he will attend to sing at Junior Eurovision from Belarus in Kyiv . It all happened.

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