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All information, photos and videos are verified family  Ilya Volkov . together with his family Ilya Volkov we form a team and together collaborate  Officially we announce to you all that Ilya has not , facebook profile , All your

Daniel Manndák from Czech Republic


Removes inappropriate comments, photos from the negative fans , and tries to answer fans

Patric Pecanka from Czech Republic


Administrator official  facebook page  and  official  web page  Ilya Volkov ,  He is in charge  blocking fake profiles on Facebook, Photo editing, graphic design and web pages 

Vlad Volkov from Bělarus


Dad Ilya Volkov Provides official information, photos, videos ILYA VOLKOV . sends all the information , administrators to, Dad Ilya Volkov is in charge mainly Ilya official website in Russian langure . for example Ilya page on VK.COM and Ilya