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Ilya Volkov – European Championship EDSF LA and Alcazar Cup 2016, Serpukhov, Russia


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Super – Duper Hit

Ilya Volkov 2016 , super super hit  (23)

Winter ball 2016

Ilya Vokov 2016 dance  (4)

We were very successful weekend !!!! The results of the competition in ballroom dancing !!! European and Latin American program were successful !!! Ilya Volkov and Catherine Artemiev took 1st place !!! Our congratulations!!!!   Прошли очень удачные выходные!!!! Подведены

Ilya Volkov photos 2015


List fake profile Ilya Volkov


We meet with that Ilya is very visible person  , and it means that the fans create fake profiles under the name Ilya Volkov  , So we decided that you make information about fake profiles , a list of fake

Selection from Belarus for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Malta

Ilya Volkov and Teo - 2014 Junior  Eurovision  (3)

PHOTOS – Ilya Volkov , and TEO selection in Belarus ,for the , Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Malta

Ilya Volkov 2014 Junior eurovision 20114 (2)

Ilya Volkov and TEO  selection  for Belarus for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Malta         Live .   .   Preparing for Live show .    

Vlada Doroshevich & MAXI BRIZ

Ilya Volkov MaxiBriz

Vlada Doroshevich & MAXI BRIZ I am, Ilia Volkov, appeals to you, my fans! Please, support the girls from Studio MAXI BRIZ and the soloist Vlad Doroshevichi in the national selection for Junior Eurovision 2014! Thanks to this team and

Ilya Volkov in Bulgaria on festival July 2014

Ilya Volkov 2014 Bulgaria  (4)

Ilya Volkov in Bulgaria You have the opportunity to see live Ilya Volkov , in Bulgaria . In Bulgaria 11 to 22 July 2014 will be held festival ( web festival http://waveideas.net/ ) the exact location of the festival is